Cannabis Growing Classes in Chicago: Where to find them

Cannabis Growing Classes in Chicago: Where to find them

As we’ve discussed previously, you may want to start growing your own Illinois cannabis. If you have an Illinois medical cannabis card, and you’re over 21, you can grow up to 5 plants in your home. You may want to start doing this, given the Illinois shortage that was already going on. This was happening well before the COVID-19 crisis. There’s lots of awesome resources online. In addition, when things get back to normal, there’s in person classes you can take. We want to let you know about these resources so that you can take advantage of them when the time comes. Here’s Cannabis Growing Classes in Chicago: Where to find them:

Cannabis Growing Classes in Chicago: Where to find them

1. Home Grow Chicago

Home Grow Chicago provides classroom based learning. They believe in the personal touch, which helps the student learn cannabis growing in a logical and organized way. You can take everything from the basics of growing cannabis to workshops. This school is an excellent resource if you’re new to growing your own weed. You can sign up to get on their list for when they open up the next set of classes. As you can imagine, there’s a bit of a wait, so it’s good to get your contact info to them now. Sign up here.

2. Discovery Center

Remember the Discovery Center in Chicago? This is the cool place in which you can take everything from dancing classes to crafts to language. Well, guess what… They now offer marijuana home growing classes also. You can now take Introduction to Cannabis Cultivation. Get an awesome understanding in growing weed from seed to harvest. Make sure you’ve got an Illinois Medical Marijuana card, even though you don’t need to prove you have one, in order to take the course. No weed will be used in the teaching of the class, but you’ll get a strong overview. The instructor is trained as both a Dispensary Agent and Horticulture Specialist, so you can trust that they know what they’re doing. Get more details as to costs and when classes will be held here.

Cannabis Growing Classes in Chicago: Where to find them / Conclusion

So while there’s a ton of cool websites out there that you can teach you how to grow weed, it’s not for everyone. A lot of people prefer to learn in person, with peers, and a live instructor. If that’s you, check out these options, especially if you’re new to home growing cannabis. So when we get back to doing things on site, in a non virtual environment, let us know how this goes!