Cannabis Christmas presents? Here’s 4 weed gift ideas.

That time of year again, huh? We’ve got you covered. We know you’re busy and running around, trying to wrap things up before the holidays hit. So you need to figure out what to get that weed lover in your life? Maybe you need a little something for yourself, to make it through the season? As we anxiously await legal pot day in Illinois on January 1st, here’s some cool stuff to keep you entertained. Cannabis Christmas presents? Here’s 4 weed gift ideas:

Join the Daily High Club

How about a monthly subscription box for marijuana? If you like deliveries, the Daily High Club is the definitive answer to what to get your pot loving loved one. The monthly box includes a combo of smoking accessories, bong, vapes, and more. Boxes can be customized accordingly to spend and preference. If you’re looking to find a good one stop, but you’re not sure what to get, this could be the right choice. Check more info here.

If you need a Smoke Buddy

This one is pretty cool, as well as practical. The Smoke Buddy is a personal air filter to help, ahem, reduce the smell of second hand smoke. While recreational pot is getting more legal everywhere as we speak, we ain’t there yet. Therefore, sometimes it makes sense to cover up weed odor. Whether you’re in a state not yet legal, or around folks that are anti pot, this thing comes in handy. Even better, this company’s motto is, “Keep Your Smoke To Yourself.” Sound cool? Check it out here.

The Aerospaced Grinder

This cool device is essentially a high end weed grinder. In case you don’t know, grinding your weed will make it finer, which in turn will make it burn much better. This one has three chambers, the use of which results in producing kief, or cannabis crystals. Kief can get your very high, by the way, so go easy if you get this device. The Aerospaced Grinder comes with 4 pieces, including a pollen catcher and scraper. Learn more here.

Nuggy Hybrid, aka The 7-in-1 Smoker’s Multi-Tool

Think of this one as the weed smoker’s swiss army knife. Check it out: You’ve got the clip, knife, paddle, pick, scraper, scoop, alox shell. All you need, really. It’s made of stainless steel and comes in a variety of vibrant colors. It even comes with a nice gift box. Get more details here.

The Wrap Up

Whichever way you go, you can’t go wrong with these ideas or something like them. If you’re not into these, hopefully they will help you think up things better suited for the weed lover in your life. Either way, Happy Holidays, have fun, and be safe. Cheers!