Best Workday Illinois Weed Strains To Get Now

Best Workday Illinois Weed Strains

Why would we suggest weed strains for you to use at work, you ask? Isn’t weed more appropriate for leisure and relaxing? Well, not necessarily. To clarify, we’re not suggesting you violate any workplace protocols. We’re also not suggesting that you get high off of your ass before or during work, either. What we are suggesting, if you’re a medical-use patient, or if your workplace allows for it, is that the below strains may help you be more productive. Here are the best workday Illinois weed strains to get now.

So why are these strains so awesome for work, and what are they?

All of the following strains are known for their focusing and cerebral qualities. Most of them are sativa dominant, which is known for helping users generate ideas. Assuming you don’t overdo it, consider trying one or more of these:

1. Sour G

If you need a strain to help you focus and boost your productivity, Sour G is a great one to consider. Again, as it’s a sativa, you’ll get those energizing effects that put you into an uplifted, cerebral state. That, combined with the mind soothing properties of CBG, which is calming without causing fogginess, makes this a solid daytime use choice.

2. Chem Dawg

This is another powerful sativa-dominant strain packing up to 20% THC content, sometimes beyond, giving off an jolting scent of pepper and citrus. As a result, you’ll get an uplifting, euphoric high, spurring creativity. A little can go a long way, however, so be sure to indulge conservatively.

3. Jack Herer

Want to kick start your creativity? Then check out Jack Herer. This strain provides uplifting effects of euphoria, and can make you talkative, so this can be a good potential strain for brainstorming sessions with others. It ranges around 17% THC, and is known as an energizing force.

4. White Widow

This is a hybrid with around 16% of THC content, providing energizing effects, but allowing you to stay focused. It can be hard to find in Illinois, but you can get lucky on occasion. Users report increased productivity, while feeling focused and clear-headed, without fogginess.

5. Strawberry Cough

With flavorful berry scents and aromas, this one has happy uplifting effects that will make you feel energetic. Ideal for remote working, and organizing, you’ll also find it good for networking events, and situations that require an extra boost of energy.

6. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a definitive strain when it comes to energizing effects. The THC content level is around the 20% mark, providing an respectable dose of diesel like pungent scents. It’s paired with citrusy and herbal terpenes, with a penetrating gas smell that will wake you up, so to speak. Users report stress relieving, energetic and creative effects.

And what else?

If you’re looking for more strains with specific effects, be sure to check out our posts on strains for anxiety and ones for euphoria. We’ll be posting more info on specific moods you can enhance from different strains shortly. So be sure to check back soon!