Celebrate a cannabis 4th of July in these best places, Illinois

As you know, the legalization of recreational marijuana in Illinois is not coming until January 1, 2020. Therefore, it’s a little too early to discuss marijuana and the 4th of July as it relates to the Prairie State. That said, knowing the best places to celebrate a cannabis 4th of July is a great subject for discussion. Lighting up on Independence Day while watching our skies light up is certainly fitting, as well as symbolic. It’s also an awesome way to kick back, relax, and celebrate with some good friends.

So, in the spirit of all of that, we’ve got a listicle for you here. You can add cannabis to 4th of July celebrations in following states that have already legalized recreational marijuana. While this list below includes those states, it’s important to remember that weed is still illegal on a federal level, so avoid ALL federal parks and campgrounds. Be smart, safe, and plan accordingly.

Check out the best places to celebrate a cannabis 4th:

These are some of the best so far. Look for the list to grow over time, as more and more states legalize:

1. California

This list wouldn’t be right if we did NOT start off with California off, right? As this state is one of the trailblazers in the legal marijuana world, it’s only fitting. Well, in addition to that, Independence Day is a major reason to visit, especially in SoCal. Check out the Rose Bowl for fireworks, or the 4th of July Mr. & Mrs. Venice Beach in Venice. If NorCal is more your thing, check out Sonoma. This city has included pot along with their wine and food cultures.

2. Colorado

Colorado probably tops any list for being the most cannabis friendly state in the country. Additionally, cities such as Boulder holds awesome Independence Day fireworks displays, with tons of cannabis. As a Colorado town, it’s familiar with canna-tourists. If you can plan ahead, reserve tickets for the local Budz, Sudz, Grow & Dispensary tour. The state is also home to canna-friendly accommodations, so it’s the perfect destination for an all-cannabis holiday… And if Denver is more your thing, check out the 4th of July at Elitch Gardens.

3. Massachusetts

One of the best places to celebrate the 4th of July is Boston, Massachusetts, bar none. So many reasons. Consider the history of our country, the Boston Pops, Fireworks on the Esplanade. It’s just simply one of the best places to celebrate, EVER. Add some amazing local seafood to your celebration, and you’re just about set. If you really want to get after it in style, consider watching the fireworks from the Charles. When you have your plans all set, stock up on your cannabis needs at the following dispensaries for a full night of colorful lights.

4. Oregon

Other than Oregon just being plain awesome to visit, especially during the summer months, it’s easy to get around. The center of the state is quick to fly to from Portland. Bend is 20 minutes from the airport. There you can get some of the best, most fresh cannabis in the state. After that, head downtown for a 4th of July celebration with food, fireworks, and cannabis tours.

5. Washington (State)

Washington state has a variety of destinations within it that are ideal for escaping into the summer heat and getting into nature. Ferries are abundant, and a huge part of life in the area, and rides can get you to various cities or in the middle of nature within a short amount of time. Bellevue hosts one of the state’s best fireworks show every year, and there are plenty of nearby dispensaries to load up on supplies for the holiday.

Bottom Line

Got enough cool 4th of July cannabis destinations yet? We’re only hitting the highlights here on our list, there are plenty more. What we are REALLY looking forward to, of course, is next January in Illinois. Then we will have something to discuss and add to this list. Hmmm… What will it be at that time? Navy Pier? Millennium Park? Grant Park? Northerly Island? We will then see… But until that time, have a great 4th of July, maybe in one of the above cool places!