Best Luxury Cannabis Accessories On Amazon

Best Luxury Cannabis Accessories On Amazon

Gift giving can be tough, right? Trying to find that perfect present for your partner, or simply trying to get the right thing for the right occasion. Weed is no different, especially if you’re looking for quality items. So whether you have a special occasion coming up, or you want to treat yourself to something high end, here are the best luxury cannabis accessories on Amazon.

So you can actually buy weed items on Amazon?

Yes, you can, as we’ve discussed before. Equipment, various ancillary items, you can purchase those things. You can’t actually buy any marijuana on Amazon, so don’t expect that. You’ll sometimes see so-called CBD and hemp items for sale, but know that those are not what they claim to be. Just stick to the accessories like these:

HiGrade Instant Cannabis Analyzing Kit

Need something for the home grower in your life? This is a cultivation assistant made for testing your strains. If you want to know how potent your weed is, or you want to find out if you have any pests or disease in your batch, this analyzing kit will help. You can also get info on nutrient balance, determining the best times to harvest, and when to water. You can even download the HiGrade app, and use your phone to take pics of your bud, uploading the pics to get a full analysis. This is an ideal kit for a hobbyist or novice grower who wants to learn more, and get better at it. Get it here for $79.99.

LEVO II Herbal Oil Infuser

If you or the edibles enthusiast in your life wants to DIY at home, consider this item. You put your herbs in the mesh, metal pod, and prep them in dry and activation cycles. Once the herbs are ready, you fill the device with the oil or butter, and put the pod inside. You then set a cook time and temp, wait while the LEVO II takes care of the rest. When the batch is ready, you take out your infused liquids to make into your preferred recipes. Whether you’re new to infused cooking or more experienced, this is a very convenient item. Get it here for $299.99.

Magical Butter Machine MB2E Botanical Extractor with Magical Butter official 7 page Cookbook

What’s cool about this item, is while it’s somewhat similar to the LEVO II, it comes with some different features. For one, you get the cookbook,, which is ideal for someone just getting started with infused cooking and not knowing where to begin. Additionally, the microprocessor controlled program allows newbies to cook with ease, the machine is easy to clean, and it comes with a 1 year warranty. You can even make skincare products with this thing, if you want. Get it here for $224.95.

What else?

There’s an old saying, “buy once, buy good.” Meaning that if you splurge on one of the above accessories on Amazon, it will most likely last you a long time and be worth the investment. Or, if you’re giving it as a gift, you’ll definitely make a great impression with something very high quality and luxury.