Best Las Vegas Cannabis Infused Dining

Best Las Vegas Cannabis Infused Dining

In the interest of continuing our series on the best marijuana supper clubs, we’re covering Las Vegas this week. We know that travel is limited right now. Additionally, you always want to call ahead to find out what a club’s policies currently are. (In fact, you should do that anyway.) That said, you’re probably still interested in knowing the options, as someday we will get back to normal. So whether you’re going there soon, or you want to keep this in your back pocket, here’s the best Las Vegas cannabis infused dining:

Where can I find marijuana supper clubs in Las Vegas?

As you can imagine, Vegas lends itself pretty well to the cannabis infused dining scene naturally. You have some strong options, just like in other cities. Check it out:

1. Dope Dining

Dope Dining specializes in what they call the “original” cannabis infused fine dining experience. Examples of their dinners include a Valentine’s Day “High on Love” dinner, featuring an infused lamb chop entree created using locally grown flower. The club also features specials such as a five-course dinner infused with City Trees’ agave tinctures, with scallops as the main dish. They work with cuisines ranging from Ethiopian to Mexican, infusing everything from s’mores to hamburgers to bacon. Check out their Instagram page for more info and how to make reservations.

2. Somethin’s Cooking

These folks offer personal chef services, with daily, weekly or monthly options. Rates are contingent upon the client’s needs and schedule. Their cannabis infused dinner party choices include five course meals that start at $150 per person. Customized menus with organic, vegan and vegetarian options available upon request. To learn more, including details, reservations, and the type of event that you can get, click here.

3. Cultivating Spirits

This one is more of an honorable mention. It’s not technically infused dining: Cultivating Spirits arrived in Las Vegas in 2018 to elevate the food and cannabis culture to new heights with their dinners. Originally established in Colorado in 2014, they also operate in California. They pair smokable cannabis with food, so there’s no infusing involved. The pairing is in the form of 3 different strains of cannabis combined with 3 different dishes, specifically selected to harmonize. Their Cannabis Sommelier guides diners through the tasting notes of the flower and the food. Their goal is to have their guests experience the true, unique flavor profiles of both the cuisine and the cannabis. You can learn more details and make a reservation for the next time you’re in town.

4. 3Chi

If you’re into Delta 8, you’re in luck. 3Chi has a robust line of edibles, including gummies, tinctures, cookies,
brownies, and our personal favorite – cereal treats. Average dosage per edible is 50 mg. Just go to the main menu
and select “edibles” to see what they have to offer. And don’t forget, one of the advantages of Delta 8 is that
interstate delivery is not illegal. Just as long as the delivery is from one legal state to another.

Bottom Line

So as you can see, cannabis infused dining is only going to expand. As a result, you’ll have more options with more creativity and types of cuisine to choose from. In addition to Las Vegas, you can get cannabis infused dining in Boston, New York, Michigan, and of course Chicago. But that’s not all. We’re continuing to expand our coverage on new cities as we speak. So be sure to check back often.

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