Best CBD Drinks in Chicago

Best CBD Drinks in Chicago

We’ve talked about CBD in the past. It’s a close cousin of THC, the active component in cannabis. You can’t yet get drinks infused with THC in Illinois, at least not yet. However, you can get drinks infused with CBD. That’s pretty awesome in and of itself. So if you want to check it out, here are locations for some of the Best CBD Drinks in Chicago.

1. Marz Brewing Company

This Chicago brewery serves CBD infused drinks. They hold events called Microdose Sundays, which is brunch paired with in-house, specially made CBD-infused drinks. These are relaxing, laid back events in which you can also listen to a soundtrack that they think will have a “noticeable influence on your life.” So there’s that. Follow the website for latest calendar – Microdose Sundays are usually held once a month, from 1pm-4pm. Admission is free. 3630 S. Iron Street. Learn more here.

2. Entente

Entente has the enviable distinction of being of Chicago’s most affordable Michelin-starred restaurants. No small thing. They’ve got two impressive CBD offerings on the menu: One is the 700 Club cocktail. This is alcohol free, instead made with cucumber citrate, lime, violet, cucumber, mint lemonade, and butterfly pea flower. The second one is Hapi Innovations CBD, which is essentially an add-on you can order to enhance another drink on their impressive menu. 700 N. Sedgwick Street. Check out the menu here.

3. Kuma’s Corner

Kuma’s Corner is one of the most amazing burger restaurants in Chicago. Now, in addition to that, they are offering CBD cocktails to their menu. Indulge in offerings such as Dopethrone with gin, Ablaze with sweet and spicy rum, and Hazemaze featuring anaise, tart lime, and mezcal, all out of glass bongs with dry ice “smoke.” The Fulton Market location offers these on Fridays and Saturdays, and Avondale customers can add CBD to any drink for an upcharge.

4. IO Godfrey

Godfrey’s, located in River North, is a trendy rooftop lounge. The featured CBD cocktail is a Stay off the Grass, served smoking at the table. It contains green juice, Hendricks Gin, chartreuse, lemongrass CBD simple syrup, Luxardo Maraschino liqueur, lime, and aquafaba. Additionally, the extensive craft cocktail menu features a CBD add on option for $4. 127 West Huron. Get more info here.

5. Foxtrot Market

Foxtrot is essentially a high-end convenience store chain, with locations all over Chicago’s North Side. They offer food and alcohol delivery, and some locations even have bars and food served on site. At the Lakeview location, customers can order a CBD highball off of the cocktails and slushies menu. The drink runs $9, and contains vodka, hibiscus ginger tea, pineapple, lime, and 10mg of CBD. 3334 N Southport Ave. Get more info here.


We all want to see THC drinks added to the offerings out there, and we’ve added to this list since we first published this post. That will happen Illinois passes the right laws. Until then, however, the above are some great options to find tasty CBD drinks. We will see more in the coming months, so stay tuned for that info. Cheers!