Best Cannabis shows on Amazon Prime

Best Cannabis shows on Amazon Prime

Looking for good content to check out while you’re stuck at home during the COVID-19 crisis? We’ve talked about cool marijuana related content on Netflix in the past. Let’s keep it going. We’ve got other streaming services out there for you to check out. So, in the spirit of all of that, here are the best cannabis shows on Amazon Prime:

Best Cannabis shows on Amazon Prime

1. Munchies

This comedy series gets your favorite celebrities in the kitchen to get high and prepare… wait for it… their favorite munchies. View segments like comedienne Nicole Byer’s attempt at making funnel cakes. This is definitely one of the better weed shows on the streaming services. As it’s a cooking show, it’s even funnier! Watch the full series now on Amazon Prime.

2. The Marijuana Show

This reality show is sort of a Shark Tank for weed competition. Talented marijuana entrepreneurs pitch their cannabis startup ideas to a panel of accredited investors. These entrepreneurs have the chance to compete for up to $13 million in funding, which is a huge amount for in the startup world. If you want to see who is going to become the next marijuana millionaire in this series, check it out.

3. American Weed

An early show in the legal medical cannabis world, this is a series worth checking out. It takes place in Colorado, and follows the lives of growers, patients, cops, caregivers, entrepreneurs, advocates, and opponents. All of their lives are transformed by medical marijuana’s growth. Check out this series if you want to learn more about how we got to where we are today.

4. Weediquette

This is a show more geared towards investigative journalism, if that’s your thing. VICE correspondents follow families and other stakeholders in the new marijuana industry as their lives are transformed. Most of the episodes focus on the gray area in what’s legal versus what’s not. The show seems to raise more questions than answers, but it’s definitely thought provoking. Learn more here.


We are here to help entertain you, as well as inform you. So that said, we hope you’ve found something that interests you in the above choices. Whether it’s comedy, drama, reality, or investigative journalism, you can find something that appeals to you… And when you’re done with that, stay tuned with us for more. We’re gonna bring you more weed streaming content from other services as well, in the coming days and weeks, such as Netflix and Hulu. Stay safe and talk soon!