Best Cannabis Infused Dining In Boston

Best Cannabis Infused Dining in Boston

As we continue to cover the best in cannabis infused dining, let’s talk about the east coast. As you well know by now, it’s not just Illinois that has an awesome cannabis dinner club scene, or even just the Midwest. There’s a huge scene in the Northeast, particularly in Massachusetts. So, if you’re going to be in the area any time soon, here’s the best cannabis infused dining in Boston:

What are the best cannabis infused dining options in the Boston area?

1. Eat Sacrilicious

Billed as Boston’s high end cannabis dining experience, Eat Sacrilious offers a premium experience of infused multi-course meals. All of them reflect the local and seasonal surroundings of the greater New England area. Their private fine dining experiences typically range from 5-8 courses, with every course infused in a way that is complimentary to the flavor profile of the dish. They believe in bringing out the flavor of each strain instead of hiding them in the food.

Their mission is to serve highly artisan dishes in intimate settings around the city. High quality flavor, as well as dishes other than sweets, are goals that set the founders on their mission. For rates, custom menus, venues and upcoming events, contact them here.

2. Cloud Creamery

Owned by one of the co-founders of Eat Sacrilicious, Cloud Creamery produces cannabis infused ice cream. Sourced from Vermont grass fed dairy, you can get multiple year-round flavors, monthly limited time flavors based on seasonal ingredients, and a mix of ice creams, sorbets and other frozen desserts. This is the ideal place to check out in the Boston area if you are both a cannabis enthusiast, an ice cream lover, and of course over 21 years of age. To find out more info including pricing and availability, click here.

3. Mass Cannabis Chefs

This company provides premier infused dinner parties throughout Massachusetts. Combining two of their favorite things, Chefs Joseph Nelson and Patrick Mulcahy bring to you high end gourmet dinner parties, utilizing their years of experience in fine dining and food creation. They mix it with a passion for high end cannabis, put out meals that include seafood, vegan, and meat options. Learn more about what to expect and their upcoming post coronavirus offering.

4. Dinner At Mary’s

Dinner at Mary’s aims to provide an event series that is a true culinary experience combined with cannabis. Out of the Boston area, what sets Dinner At Mary’s apart from some of the other dining clubs is that events are members only. The only way to receive invites are by joining as a member and creating your member profile.

In addition, another cool thing is that they have been offering cannabis meal kits throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. These are via free delivery throughout the Greater Boston area, and you can check with them for delivery outside of this zone. Each kit includes the items necessary to make a specific menu for two people, along with the detailed recipe and instructions, and a gift of 20mg of THC infused oil. You may need additional non-infused oil at home in order to create your custom dosage, but this is enough to get you started. Learn more here.

5. Dope Dinners

One of the newest startups on the scene, Dope Dinners showcases what they can do for you on their Instagram page. Featuring dishes such as Butternut Squash Bisque and Denver Steaks, not to mention a decadent Creme Brulee, this is an option worth looking into. Chef Ed Hunt started the business with his wife well over a year ago. He believes that infused events are one of the few spots in the industry in which the little guy is flourishing. If you want to support an independent business that is up and coming, check them out.

6. PotLoveDinners

PotLoveDinners is another up and coming Boston area cannabis infused dining company offering treats, dinner parties, and private dinners. In addition to their supper club offerings, they’ve got a mouth watering line of homemade edibles, such as Double Trouble (double chocolate chip cookies), Love Muffin (mini muffins), and Magic Kiss (7 layer bar). Their info form / event application is fairly detailed, along with questions about your tolerance level and other preferences you need to share.

Best Cannabis Infused Dining In Boston

Remember what we always tell you about edibles. Go low and slow, especially when you’re in a social situation and you’re not sure how something is going to affect you. Better to be on the conservative side as you can always add, but not take away. Keep in mind the delayed onset when dealing with edibles, and you should be ok. Enjoy!