5 New Chicago Cannabis Dispensaries Approved

5 New Chicago Cannabis Dispensaries

As the City of Chicago continues to roll out legal recreational marijuana, more dispensaries are opening. The following have been approved by the city, and pending state approval, they will be open for business this spring. Here are 5 new Chicago cannabis dispensaries approved:

So assuming these locations are in turn approved by the state, they’ll get the green light. May 1st is the date for the new round of shops. Here’s some of the key guidelines the dispensaries need to follow in order to open:

  • Must be 1500 feet from another dispensary
  • Must be 1000 feet away from schools
  • Can’t be in the same building as a dwelling

The great news about these 5 new Chicago cannabis dispensaries approved is more than just weed. These dispensaries add more jobs to the area, and help spur the economy, which we need strongly now. We will need this and every kind of boost to the economy, when we get on the other side of these strange times.

Additionally, we will start seeing more cafes and other activities soon. This is in addition to the ones we’ve told you about here and here. And we’ll continue to see this all over Illinois, not just in the Chicago area. We will keep you updated!