5 Best Cannabis Lounges in the U.S.

5 Best Cannabis Lounges in the U.S.

So, the latest news is that Illinois is getting a cannabis lounge downstate, as you may have heard. What the hell is a cannabis lounge, you ask? A cannabis lounge is basically a place where marijuana enthusiasts can indulge in flower, concentrates, and edibles in a café type setting. These lounges typically seat 40-60 people, and predicted to be on the rise. As you probably know, public consumption of pot in Illinois is limited. Currently, you can basically indulge in private homes only. Of course, this will all change in time, and there are cannabis friendly activities in Illinois, but for now that’s where we are. So where do you go, until the downstate lounge is up and running? Well, going out of state looks to be the best option. If you want to, and have the means to do so, here are the 5 best cannabis lounges in the U.S.

Moe Greens – San Francisco, CA

Moe Greens is right down the street from Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco. The facility is an upscale cannabis lounge that brings together all kinds of people and consumers to relax and experience a wide variety of products, which includes infused beverages. You can experience different areas of the lounge, such as a vaping zone called the Playground, a space called the Vault for consuming concentrates and the High Roller, for smoking. Reservations are strongly suggested, and a booth or table runs roughly $400 per hour. The lounge also features a dispensary, which you can check out before visiting the consumption rooms. Want to learn more? Click here.

Magnolia – Oakland, CA

Located in the East Bay, Oakland’s Magnolia is a dispensary, vape lounge, and dab bar. You can bring your own, or you can purchase product on site to consume in one of the lounge’s complimentary vaporizers. If you visit the dab bar or the vape bar, both also have a wide selection of products.

If you’re not into smoking or vaping, Magnolia also provides guests the space to drink or eat edibles, apply topicals, or use tinctures. They also have an on-staff registered nurse, available to help those with medically related questions or concerns. Conveniently located near Jack London Square, this lounge aims to provide a sense of community for the East Bay’s cannabis community. Learn more here.

The Summit Private Lounge – Worcester, MA

If you go and hour west of Boston, you’ll find the Summit Private Lounge in Worcester. The establishment is an upscale bar and lounge, offering cannabis tastings while listening to live music or playing video games. It’s also the only place currently on the U.S. East Coast legally allowing cannabis consumption on its premises.

You can rent or purchase a smoking device, and partake in cold drinks, snacks, and coffee on offer. You can attend events, such as paint nights, video games, and more, if you want to buy a membership or pass. Not only that, but the Summit Private Lounge strives to make its offering affordable with a $15 per month membership fee. Learn more here.

The Coffee Joint – Denver, CO

The Coffee Joint, located in Denver, is right next door to a dispensary. Fyi, it is currently the one place you can publicly and legally consume cannabis in Colorado, as long as you’re not smoking it. This is Denver’s first licensed cannabis social club and coffee house, so the Coffee Joint is a pioneer in this area. It offers marijuana education events, complimentary coffee and tea, as well as snacks, beer, and kombucha for purchase. Also note that in order to consume cannabis at The Coffee Joint, you need to pay a $5 fee, and sign a liability waiver. Get more details here.

Budberry – West Hollywood, CA

Budberry, located in West Hollywood, is opening in 2020. While the details are still getting finalized, the plan is that they will serve artisanal edibles like macaroons during the day, and cannabis cocktails at night.

The lounge plans to have a Barbie pink ’50s diner-style space, bringing both a modern and a retro design together in a hip environment. The space will also feature an open kitchen, which will provide entertainment for an audience who like to watch cooking in action. Lastly, the lounge will also feature infused drinks like coffee and soda on the menu.


So there you have it… But as this a work in progress, expect this list to get updated and refined in the coming weeks and months. Also expect to see more variety in lounge offerings, locations, and themes. And that variety will come here to Illinois, sooner or later.