4 Cannabis Infused Beers to Try, and Where to Get Them

4 Cannabis-Infused Beers to Try, and Where to Get Them

So, Illinois, what exactly is Cannabis Beer? How is it made?

Cannabis beer is basically a non-alcoholic beer. It’s brewed with marijuana. Specifically, weed beer is brewed with the stocks, stems and roots of the marijuana plant, rather than being infused with cannabis oils. The most important thing to know is that marijuana takes the place of the use of barley in the brewing process of cannabis beer.

Sound good? So how do you get ahold of these pot beers?

It’s a little tricky, because like many other things cannabis, you can’t get them yet in Illinois. However, there are several states in which you can buy cannabis beer, so we’ve got that info for you. Here’s 4 Cannabis Infused Beers to try, and where to get them:


Grainwave is a Belgian-Style White Ale, non alcoholic Cannabis Beer. Made by Ceria Brewing, it’s a medium-bodied ale, brewed with blood orange peel and coriander. It aims to achieve a Belgian-style white ale-like brew. This beer is infused with marijuana, for a unique take on a standard Belgian beverage. ABV: 0%, THC: 5mg. Available in Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding areas.

Hi-Fi Hops

Hi-Fi Hops is an IPA-inspired sparkling beverage, made by Lagunitas Brewing. It’s made in the traditional, hops heavy IPA style, but the beverage contains no alcohol, calories, or carbs. In a partnership with AbsoluteXtracts, it’s infused with THC from the the best quality cannabis grown in the area. ABV: 0%, THC: 5mg. You can find Hi-Fi Hops in California and Colorado dispensaries in the following locations.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is a root beer, rather than a beer, but still worth mentioning. Produced by Keef Brands, this is a THC infused root beer that you can drink on its own, or pour it over ice cream to create a cannabis-infused root beer float. Fun fact: Bubba Kush Root Beer was voted winner of the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Edible. So there’s that. ABV: 0%, THC: 10mg. You can purchase Bubba Kush in dispensaries in Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, and Nevada here. You can also find more of Keef Brands cannabis products in Jamaica and Puerto Rico here.

Two Flowers IPA

Two Flowers IPA is actually a CBD Infused Beer, rather than THC infused. Brewed by Coalition Brewing Company, it’s worth mentioning, as it’s a light, crisp, bitter and refreshing brew. The bitterness is balanced with the citrusy terpenes in the CBD. The effects of the beer are described as having a few beers in a hot tub, elevating, and calming. ABV: 6%, CBD: 10mg. You can find Two Flowers IPA in restaurants, bars, and taprooms around Oregon. Learn more here.


So there’s your start for cannabis infused beers. Look for more to come on the market soon, in bigger and better varieties and quantities. Hopefully we will be seeing those in Illinois soon. If not, you now know where to travel to to get these, and more!