4 Cannabis Cooking Ingredients To Buy Online

So while we wait out the arrival of cannabis lounges here in Illinois, we look into other options. One choice that is gaining popularity is DIY cooking with marijuana infused ingredients, as we have discussed before. The best way to do it is use basics, and build out your recipes from there. If that interests you, check this out. Here’s 4 cannabis cooking ingredients to buy online.

1. Sweet Grass Cannabutter

These are just what they seem to be. The THC-infused sticks of butter are divided up into tablespoon (10 milligram) doses and come in cool packaging. This is a staple that you always want to have in your cabinet, for basically any recipe you’re going to attempt. Retailing at $20, find out more info here.

2. Ruby Sugar

This is another basic, a THC-infused sweetener that you can use as another primary ingredient. It works in baked goods, sprinkled on fruit, or stirred into iced tea, among many other things. The cost is generally around $10 for 10 servings per box. Check out more info here.

3. Magical Butter

This is actually a tool, which is a complete infuser that looks like a coffeepot. It works like a slow cooker, in a way. You can add your plant material, add in some butter, close the lid, you push a button, and wait. In two short hours, you will have infused butter ready for a variety of usages. $175, get more details here.

4. Levo

One thing that’s unique about this particular piece of equipment is that it is not made for cannabis use, specifically. However, this machine is designed for infusing botanicals into oil and butter, and comes in a variety of cool colors. That makes it ideal for cannabis cooking use. Running in the range of $150-$350, get more details here.


So happy cooking! Just remember the watch words to keep in mind when you are consuming cannabis infused foods: Go low and go slow. We will be sharing more info on best practices for eating and drinking THC cuisines and drinks, so stay tuned.