4 Best Cannabis Wines To Try And Where To Find Them

4 Best Cannabis Wines To Try And Where To Find Them

If you’re like us, you love combining your favorite things whenever possible, especially in cannabis. The options and products out there are getting more creative. Some are downright tasty. The latest cool product we’ve found out there is in wines. Still interested? You should be, as these are highly rated. Here’s the 4 best cannabis wines to try and where to find them:

What are cannabis infused wines?

We’ve talked a lot about cannabis infused beverages, beers, creative drinks, some in other states, some even including CBD. Cannabis infused wine, however, is a whole other thing. In most states in which recreational cannabis is legal, cannabis and alcohol cannot be sold under the same roof. That means you definitely can’t sell it in the same bottle. So, most wineries in this space have a simple solution: They make their wines by removing the alcohol and replacing it with fast-acting THC, usually about 5-25mg per serving.

Oh, and one more thing – when you remove the alcohol from wine, you remove a lot of the calories, as well. Typically, a standard glass of wine has roughly 150 calories. Cannabis infused wine, without the alcohol, typically has 50 calories. Something to keep in mind in counting calories is a priority for you.

So what are these cannabis wines and where can I get them?

We’ve got the 4 best cannabis wines to try right here, and if you’re traveling to any of these locations, where you can get them. Keep them in mind for when you are in these areas:

1. Rebel Coast

Launched and made in California, Rebel Coast makes cannabis-infused wines. Varietals include Sauvage and Pink Passion, sourced from grapes grown in Sonoma, infused with fast-acting THC. Rebel Coast also produces seltzers married with cannabis and natural fruit flavors, with zero calories, carbs or sugar.

Rebel Coast claims to have a patented process and formula that ensures fast-acting onset, usually within 15 minutes. They also state that their products are tested at every stage to ensure safety, consistency and potency. Products are available throughout California, and you can even order online for delivery.

2. House of Saka

Made in Napa Valley, House of Saka’s luxury infused beverages are made with a careful balance of THC and CBD. They bring together Northern California grape varietals and craft cannabis in Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier forms. Available in both sparking beverages and traditional wines. Try the Saka White, for example, which combines ripe peach, apricot and toasty oak with rich, buttery vanilla and tropical fruit flavors, balanced with mild acidity, and a satisfying finish. You can purchase these for delivery throughout California.

3. Viv & Oak

Viv & Oak’s mission is to provide their customers a beautiful blend of the best California grapes and premium cannabis. They aim to produce wines full of flavor, low in sugar and calories, without a hangover. The winery wants to help break the stigma around cannabis, and encourage fellow health-conscious consumers to learn more about the benefits of their beverages. Available in rose and zinfandel varietals, these de-alcoholized wines are a great option to consider. Order online for delivery in these California locations.

4. SipCozy

SipCozy is low-calorie rosé without alcohol, infused with 40 mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract. The California wine has hints of herbal, floral and citrus, so this grenache blend rosé not only tastes great, but is also does its best to make you feel great. The herbal notes derive from the hemp extract infusion, providing a calming effect upon first sip. Hints of floral and citrus offer a refreshing finish that compliment any occasion. Now since this is a CBD / hemp based wine, you can have it shipped to you in most U.S. locations. Learn more here.

4 Best Cannabis Wines To Try And Where To Find Them

So remember our best practices when it comes to indulging in edibles. This includes cannabis infused beverages. You can always add on later, but you can’t take away. Keep this in mind when you are partaking, so you can make the most of your experiences. Enjoy!