4/20 Chicago Fest Online: How To Celebrate Despite Coronavirus Quarantine

4/20 Chicago Fest Online

As you well know by now, 4/20 was supposed to be a huge celebration in Illinois this year. At least twice as big as last year’s festivities. Given the recent legalization of recreational cannabis in Illinois, this was an assumed thing. However, in light of the COVID-19 crisis, just like everything else, 4/20 has moved to a virtual format. So, want to participate digitally? Here’s the info you need for the 4/20 Chicago Fest Online: How to celebrate despite the coronavirus quarantine.

So What Or Who Is Waldo, Anyway?

By the way, want to know why this fest is called “Waldos”? What’s a Waldo, anyway? Well, if you go back to the early ’70s, a group of four California high school kids regularly went on a failed treasure hunt for a cannabis plant. They got their nickname “Waldos” by regularly hanging out by – yep, you guessed it – a wall. So, the Waldos would set their meeting time for the hunt at 4:20, a convenient time to meet in the afternoon. So the time stuck as part of the ongoing weed culture.

4/20 Chicago Fest Online: How To Celebrate Despite Coronavirus Quarantine

Anyway, back to the fest. Dispensary 33 had plans for their annual fest to take place this Saturday in Andersonville. It was supposed to be a huge street party, with performers, vendors, food trucks, and more. But no longer. So instead, with Do312, the dispensary will hold Waldos Forever Fest online. Go to the link on Saturday, April 18th, at 4:20pm, and you will find a variety of cool activities. You can check out personalities from the community creating original content to entertainment and bring together the cannabis community. You’ll also see appearances by local neighbors cooking with cannabis and blowing glass. Watch DJ sets, drag and performance art. RSVP at WaldosForever.com to get the reminders you need about this cool event. Also, if you’re on Twitter, spread the word with hashtags #420inplace and #dostuffathome.


That’s said, don’t despair… Dispensary 33 and Do312 plan to hold the real Waldos Forever Fest later in the year. On Saturday, September 26, from 9am to 8pm, look for the fest to be held right outside of the dispensary. You’ll get a full day of music, education and fun for cannabis lovers. The planners will throw the epic event they originally wanted. So we may have to wait for it, till we get on the other side of the coronavirus crisis. But it will happen. So hang in there.