3 Reasons Weed Is So Much Better Than Booze

3 Reasons Weed Is So Much Better Than Booze

We know we’re preaching to the choir, here. You’re a weed fan, and you know we don’t have to make our case to you on how awesome cannabis is. This is especially true, when we compare marijuana to alcohol. Still, some things are worth repeating, and we all love the plant for different reasons. We’ve heard a wide variety of explanations from you all as well as others, but some main ones keep coming up. Here’s 3 reasons weed is so much better than booze.

Is it even appropriate to say that cannabis is “better” than alcohol?

Look, we get that a lot of this is subjective. And it’s up to all of us to define what “better” even means. What one person feels is an asset, might be considered a drawback by another person. We get that. There’s good and bad in everything. So when we use the word better, we’re talking about a given person’s preference.

1. Cannabis has low and no calorie options

One huge reason why many of you like weed over booze is the calorie factor. Alcohol is notorious for being fattening and high calorie, regardless of your drink preference. Now that said, we understand that edibles, especially artisan ones, are not known for being low cal. Some of the best edibles involve butter, oils, and so on, as those foods allow for the best infusing. But with cannabis, as opposed to booze, you still have ingesting options such as flower, concentrates, vaping, and more. This allows you to avoid calories altogether. Furthermore, even if you consume a high calorie edible, you’ll ingest far less than you will of that in an alcoholic drink. As a result, you’ll take in way fewer calories.

2. Weed is medicinal, straight up

No one can argue that marijuana is medicine, in many instances. We are only at the beginning of discovering the healing properties of the plant. Whether we’re talking cutting edge discoveries, or the well known healing properties, medical marijuana exists for a reason. Helping combat side effects of chemo, glaucoma, anxiety, and the list goes on. Now, while we’ve heard about the ties between red wine and heart health for years, alcohol as a whole is not known for being medicinal. Quite the opposite, in many cases, though that’s another subject for another day.

3. Virtually impossible to fatally OD on marijuana

We always preach moderation with all things, and cannabis is no exception. That said, when it comes to overdosing, especially fatally, it’s virtually impossible to do on weed. It really is. Not so the case with alcohol, as we all know. Skeptical? Then check out what the CDC has to say on fatal THC overdosing; you pretty much can’t do it. That’s a pretty huge thing, when you’re talking substances and ingesting them.

Bottom Line

There’s more, but the above are the main 3 reasons weed is so much better than booze. As we said, we always want to emphasize moderation, and recommend that less is more in any given situation. And as cannabis continues to become legalized, for both medical and adult use, we’ll see more and more research evolve about more benefits.